HOUSE Festival 2013

4 – 26 May

HOUSE 2013 presents a major new visual arts commission from Lead Artist, Mariele Neudecker, co-commissioned with Brighton Festival, and featuring further selected commissions from regional artists Andrew Kötting with Anonymous Bosch, David Wightman, Emma Critchley and artist collaborators Dylan Shipton & Ben Fitton.

HOUSE is part of the Brighton festival season, and takes place across Brighton & Hove for the 5th year this May. Celia Davies of Photoworks is Guest Curator for HOUSE 2013.

HOUSE is extremely grateful for funding support from Arts Council England and Brighton Festival.

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Bodily displacement is made more explicit, or at least more immediately visceral, in the commissioned body of work produced by Andrew Kotting and Anonymous Bosch. The two had planned an extensive trip into the Pyrenees to make a series of new pinhole images in mountain caves. However, a motorcycle accident immediately before their departure meant that Kotting was hospitalised and the project would never come to fruition. Using pinhole images of Kotting’s own hospitalisation and recovery as a starting point, an extensive exhibition of paraphernalia has evolved including artefacts of Kotting’s crash and hospital residency, historical artefacts from the proposed region of the Pyrenees and a series of new pin hole images produced in the infinitely more accessible caves in Hastings. Directly adjacent the commercial seaside property in which Kotting and Bosch’s work is on show, a single large canvas is housed in a glass-box retail unit. David Wightman’s ‘Hero’ is, as with all of Wightman’s paintings, made up of painted wallpaper, so that his surreally simplified landscapes become textured with the memory of his own childhood and domestic past.

Commissions for House 2014

This year HOUSE will be taking visitors on a journey to Knowable/Unknowable landscapes across venues and spaces in Brighton & Hove.

From Neudecker’s images beamed in from the remotest parts of the ocean to the rare chance of observing pieces of a collapsed airship from artist collaborators Shipton and Fitton.

Andrew Kötting with Anonymous Bosch, prevented from realising their expedition to the French Pyrenees, transport us, via their pinhole image installation, to a not so remote cave behind a bathroom in Hastings. Emma Critchley invites us into a sonic liquid landscape within a shipping container that will heighten the senses.

And a little closer to home, David Wightman’s painting seeks to impart a sense of melancholy and failed beauty in an unknowable landscape viewable from inside a glass pavilion.

HOUSE 2018 takes place from 4 to 26 May in various locations. Exhibitions open Thursdays to Sundays, 12 noon to 6pm.